1934 Streamliner Looks Like Nothing Else, And It's The Only One Left

Only six were built as promotional vehicles for the McQuay-Norris Company of Missouri.

Tesla Driver Says FSD Ran A Stop Sign And Got Him A Ticket

He says the car was supposed to come to a complete halt, but it kept going and was spotted by a policeman.

Ford Gives Dealers Six Weeks To Decide If They Want To Continue Selling EVs

Dealers are either all in on electrification or they're going to be left out.

Moto2, Celestino Vietti: positive signs ahead of the race

The Italian pilot is happy with the results and improvements made.

Toyota Initial Settlement Over Defective Fuel Pumps Reaches $150M

The fuel pump recalls affected 5.8 million cars worldwide.

England: crashes car and parks in an apartment

It happened in Calside, England. Two men were seen fleeing the scene of the accident but were tracked down nearby. The man driving was arrested.

BMW XM Rendered With Production Clothes After Leaked Patent Images

The performance SUV will debut later this year.

Peugeot Motocycles Returns To Italy With The Pulsion 125

October 1st marks the restart of the Peugeot brand under the guidance of Giovanni Notarbartolo Furnari.

Tesla Cranking Out 6,500 Powerwalls, 9K Battery Packs A Week In Nevada

The company has also significantly ramped up its production of Megapacks at the Nevada Gigafactory.

The 5 dreamy but probably ugliest sports cars ever

Fast but ugly cars, super sports cars with prices as exorbitant as their power, whose aesthetics, however, do not do too much justice. Sometimes the styling choices are really poorly understood. In short, not all donuts come with a hole. And for better or worse, every brand that makes cars creates its own reputation by tying its name to a feature of the cars it produces. Those who said that beauty is subjective evidently have never come face to face, however, with these really poorly done supercars. And on the list you will not find the Lamborghini Veneno. Considered ugly by many enthusiasts.

Ex-F1 racer Firman to bring back Van Diemen name with new car

Van Diemen is set to hit the tracks again in 2023 under the control of ex-Formula 1 driver Ralph Firman Jr, son of marque co-founder Ralph Sr.

Alpine keeps on F1 upgrade push as top three teams hold back

Alpine is one of the few teams to introduce updates at Formula 1's Dutch Grand Prix with the top three squads steering clear of new developments.

MotoGp: from Tardozzi the latest warning to Ducati riders

Borgo Panigale team manager: "We believe in their intelligence. If there will be team orders? Something may happen only in the last race in Valencia."

Mod Bikes’ Easy SideCar Is A Modern Take On The Classic Three-Wheeler

A dash of retro style meets the modern practicality of an electric bicycle.

The most catastrophic accidents in Formula 1

Formula 1 is as beautiful as it is dangerous sport, there are several accidents that have happened over the past few years. Fortunately, thanks to the latest changes by Formula 1 engineers and commissioners, the cars seem to be getting safer and safer. One such innovation is the halo.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Scores LOI For 50 eActros LongHaul

Customers are already lining-up for the all-electric trucks with 500 km (311 miles) of range.

The world's most powerful SUVs, five beasts capable of exceeding 300 km/h

Incredible power and super sports car performance despite weighing well over the 2-ton threshold. In recent years we have seen how even houses with sporty DNA such as Lamborghini and Maserati (awaiting the Ferrari Purosangue) have entered the SUV segment in a big way with stellar price and performance models capable of holding their own against the thoroughbred sports cars. But what are the fastest SUVs in the world? In 2022, they are not a few. This type of car, after all, has increasingly earned a starring role in the automotive industry, beloved by people for the space on board, the high ride and the feeling of safety.

2023 Mitsubishi ASX Debuts With Five Powertrain Tunes To Pick From

There's even a plug-in hybrid version available.

Valentino Rossi brusque: discarded a hypothesis about his future

The rider from Tavullia has clear ideas about his upcoming commitments.

The unique low-downforce wings F1 teams have fitted for high-speed Monza

The long straights at Monza have always delivered a unique technical challenge for Formula 1 teams as they bid to remove drag and downforce to boost top speed.

Mercedes crashes into gas pump, damage is irreparable

On September 17, a driver of a Mercedes Benz sedan rammed his car into a gasoline pump in Petronas. After crashing into a gasoline pump in a Petronas outlet, the driver of the Mercedes C43 fled the scene. The accident occurred at Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP). an expressway located in the Petaling district of Selangor

Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin admits to founding Wagner: Putin’s ‘private army’

MotoGP Thailand GP: Martin quickest for Ducati in FP3, Marquez to Q1

Pramac’s Jorge Martin topped third practice for the MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix despite a crash as Honda’s Marc Marquez failed to get into qualifying Q2 directly.

Crazy accident: motorcyclist tries stunt but fails

Motorcyclist tries ramp jump but stunt but fails.

Faraday Future FF 91 EPA-Certified For 381 Miles Of Range

The FF 91 may not have a firm production start date, but it has an EPA range rating.

Italy Vs Brazil: The Two Faces Of Fiat

Fiat is losing market share in Italy, but it's growing in Brazil.

Valentino Rossi makes a bitter confession about MotoGp and Pecco Bagnaia

"I miss it a lot, it was my life. Pecco? He's faster but Quartararo never makes mistakes..."

Car a winner already – new DS4 arrives with award in the glovebox

Not too many cars come on the market with an award already in the glovebox. Well, that’s the case with the new DS4, which has just been rolled out here. It won the Most Beautiful Car of 2022 award in the 37th Festival Automobile earlier this year. It will be interesting to see how Irish buyers rate it. The DS brand is now confidently ploughing its ...

Lincoln Will Not Offer Buyouts To Dealers Nor Adopt Ford's Strategy

Lincoln president Joy Falotico said it will be completely up to dealers "if they want to proceed with the Lincoln brand."

BMW XM Already Gets An Internet Makeover In Unofficial Rendering

Do you like this redesigned version over the production model?

Marco Bezzecchi on pole, Pecco Bagnaia ahead of Fabio Quartararo

All qualifying times for the Grand Prix of Thailand 2022.

Tesla's Battery Supply Has Finally Grown Beyond Satisfying Demand

Tesla is finally in a position where it has access to all the batteries it needs for EVs and energy storage projects.

The Cars of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II loved cars, especially British ones. Here, we present some of the exceptional vehicles used by the long-reigning monarch, several of which were part of her personal collection.

Motorcyclist seriously injured after crashing into Lamborghini

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a crash with a Lamborghini Sunday morning in Shek O. The 26-year-old motorcyclist-whose last name is Lee-was riding on Shek O Road around 8 a.m. and crashed into a white Lamborghini when she overshot a curve and lost control.

Ferrari crashes into a police car during a chase

The crash Friday, shortly after noon, in Piazza Oberdan, Porta Venezia area, in central Milan. Traffic officers were chasing an Audi that had failed to stop at the stop sign. Injured was a 33-year-old motorcyclist who was run over by the patrol car.

F1, Max Verstappen furious: "Unacceptable!"

The Dutchman is irrepressible after disastrous qualifying.

F1, Mattia Binotto harsh on Red Bull case

"We to stay inside the roof made an incredible effort," Ferrari's team principal pointed out.

Clamorous collision between a car and a tanker truck that plunges off an overpass

tanker truck plunges from a 20-meter-high overpass on the Ljubljana bypass after colliding with an Opel Corsa in November 2019. The Hungarian driver died on impact, but his body was trapped for a long time between the sheets of the cab

Challenger SRT Super Stock Drag Races Other Hellcats, Camaro, SRT-4

With a set of drag tires, the new Dodge Challenger Black Ghost could be this fast.

Mercedes S-Class: The €160,000 dilemma posed by this powerful, super-luxury saloon

I’d love to have the €160,000-or-so dilemma posed by this week’s test car – I’m sure you would too. The car in question is the powerful petrol plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the acclaimed Mercedes S-Class. There is no doubt it’s a powerful, super-luxury saloon. But is there something different I should be looking at with my imaginary €160,000? An...

Musk: Tesla To Build 10-12 Gigafactories, 20M EVs Per Year By 2030

Tesla just opened two new Gigafactories and it's reportedly eyeing Canada for another soon.

1964 Mustang Convertible "Caged", the most successful restomod ever!

American body shop Ringbrothers just got their hands on a stunning 1960s Mustang Convertible, this is the result

British Moto3 rider opens up on alleged team assault after video emerges; MotoGP to investigate

Former British Moto3 racer Tom Booth-Amos has opened up about a video appearing to show a member of a team assaulting him at the 2019 MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix.

Pagani Utopia Debuts With 852 HP And Is Available With 7-Speed Manual

Pagani plans an initial production run of 99 coupes.

Hyundai Exec: Ioniq 5 N Will Be "Much Faster" Than i30 N

The Ioniq N will go on sale next year.

BMW X4 M Drivers Try To Navigate Obstacle Course In Third-Person View

The drivers wore a VR headset that displayed the camera angle.

The most expensive cars in the world

Fresh Toyota GR86 Receives 2JZ Engine Swap For Clean Street Car Build

The owner didn't even take the coupe for a quick drive before dropping the engine.

Watch Ford F-150 Lightning Tow Up Steep Hill Where Trucks Overheat

Will the electric F-150 or a Chevy Silverado V8 perform better on this uphill (and downhill) towing torture test?

Toyota Aygo X Understeers Its Way Through Dreaded Moose Test

The Aygo X is a city car, but that doesn't mean it's exempted from the grueling safety check.