The wildest cars ever made

Car makers tend to produce safe, dependable designs that won't scare any horses. These are the exceptions

BMW’s most shocking design moments

The new BMW Concept XM SUV is in the spotlight for its design but this is not the first time BMW has shocked with styling.

Opening Ashes Test is in danger of being completely washed out

The unseasonal La Nina weather pattern is set to dominate the first instalment of the series and could affect the other four Tests between England and Australia.

Mercedes-Benz SLC 2011-2020 review

Formerly known as the SLK, the Mercedes-Benz SLC is a sports car that focused on comfort and style, rather than driving dynamics.

Suzuki Jimny Is The Most Adorable Mini-Brabus G63 Clone Of All Time

The cutest Brabus we've seen.

Tiny EV Track Car Looks Like A Batmobile, Goes Quicker Than A Chiron

Welcome to the future of motorsport.

20 cars that tell us why 2-tone paintwork needs to make a comeback

Here’s a colourful look at 20 cars that rocked the two-tone look

Tesla’s new $1,900 Cyberquad for children appears to sell out within hours

A $1,900 Tesla Cyberquad “for kids” appeared to sell out less than a day after the company unveiled the new product targeted at children. Tesla’s website began offering the new product, which bears a resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck, on Wednesday, where it listed the ATV as a “Cyberquad for Kids”. “Get ready for any adventure with the all-electric Cyberquad for Kids. Inspired by our iconic Cybertruck design, the four-wheel ATV features a full...

Ministers trying to lure Rivian to build £1bn factory in UK

Officials have held talks with the electric truck maker and are offering a package including a junction on the M5 motorway near Bristol.

What happens when an electric car runs out of battery charge?

Running out of range in an electric car is to be avoided if possible. We explain your options if the EV battery is flat. The post What happens when an electric car runs out of battery charge? appeared first on Motoring Electric.

‘Critically flawed’: Review of new Tesla sparks debate after writer claims problems with autopilot

The vehicle’s tendency to brake seemingly randomly caused the reviewer to call the car ‘unsafe’ and advised consumers to stay away

Older drivers won't get penalty points for running red lights under proposed measures

Pensioners assessed for careless driving - such as the incorrect use of motorways - would avoid a £100 fine and three penalty points for driving without due care and attention

Jeremy Clarkson forced to change plans after more than 40 objections

The former Top Gear host, 61, had submitted a planning application to open a 70-space car park and a 60-seater café at his farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire.

Used car prices record 5 years' worth of growth in 6 MONTHS

November was the 20th consecutive month second-hand values have risen, with the average used model now costing £17,366 - some £3,862 more than a year ago.

Can The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT SUV Beat Supercars In A Drag Race?

Can the Lamborghini keep up?

Power-league: all the members of the 1000 horsepower club

We take a look at the world's most powerful cars - and how EVs are now joining the party

How an EVA dealer could help you choose an electric car

Backed by the government, the Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) scheme aims to provide consumers with peace of mind when buying an EV. The post How an EVA dealer could help you choose an electric car appeared first on Motoring Electric.

Drivers face £70 fines as councils given more powers to punish 'minor' offences

Councils are to be given the power to issue fines for "moving traffic" offences which can include stopping in yellow junctions and performing bad turns - here is what you need to know

Fuel retailers ‘will lose all credibility’ if they don’t cut prices THIS WEEK

The RAC says unleaded petrol is 12p a litre too expensive, while diesel costs 10p a litre too much – and is urging retailers to make cuts.

A secret tour of BMW GB’s incredible car collection

We explore a secret warehouse containing all BMW’s UKs heritage cars. The collection includes a 2002 Turbo, E30 M3 and 507 roadster

The most reliable luxury SUVs - and the least

Luxury SUVs are packed with technology, which is great – unless this goes wrong, at which point it can make them very expensive to fix. So, here we reveal the most and least dependable models...

Safety warning issued to every driver after cycling surges during Covid lockdown

The Covid pandemic has caused a huge increase in people getting onto bikes, but now drivers are being urged to make sure they stay safe around the vulnerable road users by the AA

Championship-Winning Ferrari F1 Engine Sells For $41K At Auction

A power plant with a history of success should be a great garage centerpiece.

Number of unlicensed vehicles on UK roads up by 85,000 in two years

Statistics published by the Department for Transport shows an estimated 719,000 untaxed vehicles are being used.

Save up to £300 by switching car insurance at the right time

Changes to car insurance rules may make switching policies in January 2022 more expensive. But renewing early could see you save.

Intriguing car wrecks from around the world

Join us for a journey through the abandoned cars of the world. Would you restore any of these?

Arctic Trucks Gets Its Hands On The Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Can they do a Lexus version too?

Toyota Partnering With Chinese Company For Electric Sedan: Report

The collaboration aims to create an affordable yet roomy electric vehicle.

BMW M5 Still In Good Condition After 215,000 Miles

One of the highest-mileage E39 M5's in the world.

Subaru WRX Powered By A Toyota V12 Makes Up To 1,000 Horsepower

The engine comes from an unlikely Toyota donor.

25 car brands that no longer exist

Frank Lampard drove with coffee and his mobile in hand, claims cyclist

Vigilante cyclist Mike Van Erp, 49, claims he spotted the Chelsea legend chatting on his mobile phone while at the wheel of his Mercedes in South Kensington. Lampard, 43, denies the offence.

How the Datsun 240Z changed motoring forever

New EV test reveals real-world range – and how far cars travel with ZERO battery

European awards organisation AUTOBEST has tested the 15 best-selling EVs to find out their real-world range… and how far they can go with zero battery left. The post New EV test reveals real-world range – and how far cars travel with ZERO battery appeared first on Motoring Electric.

18 head-turning classics for sale

Honda e long-term review: report 9

Life with a Honda e. This month, Peter gets a clever fast charger installed at home, which takes advantage of cheap off-peak electricity. The post Honda e long-term review: report 9 appeared first on Motoring Electric.

68 great gift ideas for classic car fans

Listeners in stitches as Radio 4 presenter makes X-rated horse racing gaffe live on air

Listeners were left laughing when they heard presenter Garry Richardson incorrectly say the name of a horse with X-rated permutations

EVERY Nissan Leaf EV to be built with renewable energy as solar farm doubles

Nissan has received the green light to double the size of its solar energy farm at its giant Sunderland factory

Crazy concept cars of the jet age

Join us for a look at when concept cars almost literally went to the stars

20 classics that rock pop-up headlights

10 top two-cylinder classics

Warning over £1,000 Highway Code Christmas driving fine while taking your tree home

Christmas is an exciting time, but it can also be a challenging time to be a road user, as poor conditions and lots of distractions make the road a dangerous place - make sure you're up to date on Highway Code rules you need to know to keep safe and avoid fines

1 in 5 motorists IGNORE dashboard warning lights

In the run-up to Christmas, new research estimates that 117 million car dashboard warning lights are illuminated in the UK right now.

Best used executive cars - and one to avoid

What's the best used executive car for you? Our handy guide to the 10 best on the UK market will help you decide...

Car review: Genesis GV80 – the budget Bentley lookalike

Hyundai’s premium marque does a fine job of looking as elegant as Crewe’s finest, says Sean O’Grady

Driving mistakes everyone makes - and how to fix them

What Car? gives its tips on how to drive better, safer, and more comfortably

Which TSB branches are set to close?

Which TSB branches are set to close? - The bank is closing 70 branches next year but will your local one be affected?

Seven-seat Dacia Jogger costs from £14,955 - less than a Ford Fiesta

The Jogger, an estate version of the Sandero, will start from £14,995 - that's £1,650 less than the entry Ford, which has been the best-selling car in Britain for the last 12 years.

From school run to starting grid: Nissan Ariya SUV becomes racer

Nissan's Ariya Single Seater Concept uses the powertrain that will feature in the top-of-the-range SUV by the same name that hits UK showrooms next year.