Lollipop men and women will now be given body-cams after one was punched by a vicious driver as she went about her work of stopping traffic.

The cameras will be designed to deter “dangerous and hostile” drivers, after multiple children were hit at school crossings and one lollipop lady was assaulted by a driver. Some of the incidents which prompted Rochdale to trial the cameras have been reported to Greater Manchester Police.

A four-year-old boy was injured after being struck in a hit-and-run in one case, when a car clipped the boy and failed to stop at a crossing on Hartley Lane and Daventry Road on May 16. Just five days later, a car reversed into a girl of 11 while they queued in the traffic on Kiln Lane, Milnrow, as she crossed the road.

According to the council the driver in the second incident was “attempting to beat the traffic by cutting through a nearby estate”. Although both children were injured, thankfully neither were injured seriously, the BBC reported.

Councillor Shah Wazir, cabinet member for facilities and highways at the council has vowed to tackle the “aggression and impatience” of some drivers after incidents which left him “appalled”. This included the assault of a lollipop lady on June 6, when a driver got out of his car and punched her as she set up on the corner of Edenfield Road and Churchill Street.

Councillor Wazir said: "We're not hesitating to put extra protection measures in place and send the message out that this behaviour is completely unacceptable. This aggression and impatience from drivers has now led to two young children being clipped by cars and culminated in a physical attack on one of our members of staff while she was doing her job. We’re extremely fortunate that none of these incidents left somebody with serious injuries, or worse."

Failing to stop at a school crossing after the moment a school crossing patrol member has lifted their sign to show they will step into the road is now an offence. The council added that Greater Manchester Police are now addressing a number of the incidents.

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