There are road trips… and then there’s this.

Twins Hugo and Ross Turner completed a nearly 10,000-mile drive from London to China in a red convertible electric sports car with a range of almost 300 miles per charge.

The 35-year-old identical brothers, from Devon, began their epic journey at Westminster Bridge in London and crossed the finish line in Shanghai in May.

They spent eight months travelling in a sleek MG Cyberster, passing through three continents and 28 countries - stopping everywhere from Italy to Austria and from Qatar to Cambodia.

The journey, named 'Charging Into The Future', was created to celebrate Chinese-owned MG’s 100th year in 2024 and was organised in collaboration with the British legacy marque.

Hugo told MailOnline Travel: 'We intended to drive the Cyberster as much as possible, across a spectrum of environments. Mountains, cities, deserts, and tropics, we wanted – and did – tackle them all in our two-seat droptop.'

The adventure is one of a number the pair have undertaken, inspired by an injury Hugo sustained as a teenager. He narrowly avoided paralysis after breaking his neck in a diving accident.

Since the near-miss, the pair have tackled challenges including rowing across the Atlantic and trekking across Greenland’s polar ice cap.

Ross said: 'I think [our adventures] alerted MG to the fact that we were the kind of people who would be up for a challenge of this scale.'

Sharing more details about the vehicle they used for the epic adventure, Hugo added: 'It’s a red British droptop that can do 0-60mph in under three seconds, how could we say no? 

'MG’s Cyberster offered something unique. Something we knew had never been attempted before.'

After passing through so many locations on the journey, the brothers struggled to pick their standout spots.

The pair set off in September 2023 and spent three weeks travelling the length of the UK. They then crossed the Channel and spent the rest of the year crisscrossing Europe on a journey South to Bari in Italy.

"Exploring the peaks that bordered France and Spain: epic is the only way to describe the views "
 Hugo Turner

After passing through Europe, the pair took a short break and reunited with the car in the New Year... this time, in the Middle East. 

Beginning in Istanbul, they drove through Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. They next travelled to Southeast Asia, taking the car to Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam before going to Shanghai.

Sharing some highlights of their road trip, Ross told MailOnline Travel: 'In Cambodia, we were lucky enough to witness the spring equinox over Angkor Wat temple. 

'Watching the sun ascend over the ancient temple bathed in the golden light was a truly serene, once-in-a-lifetime moment.'

Hugo added: ‘I'll always remember driving through the Pyrenees [mountain range], where we experienced four seasons in one day. But we kept the roof down the entire way.

‘Exploring the peaks that bordered France and Spain: epic is the only way to describe the views that were waiting around each turn in the road. At the peak, we parked up to watch the sunrise over the mountain range. We stood in that sunlight with snow under our feet, looking down the mountainside carpeted in clouds.’

What were their favourite countries to drive through? Ross said: 'I think it had to be cruising along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Winding roads overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are the pictures that come to mind.'

Were there any places they struggled to navigate? 

Ross said: 'Driving through central Paris took some concentration, but the traffic in Istanbul is another level. And, reading road signs in China, well, that just wasn’t possible.’

What was the most difficult aspect? 

Ross commented: ‘You honestly can’t imagine the level of preparation it takes to make a journey of this scale happen. The logistics involved, the visas, the itineraries you need to stick to. In every location we had MG teams and car clubs waiting to greet us, and we couldn’t let anyone down. 

'One thing people want to know about is charging the car. For us it was easy, as we knew we could always charge the car with an MG dealer. But the reality is that in the UK and Europe the charging network is so established range really isn’t an issue for a new EV like ours. 

'China seems to be almost exclusively electric vehicles. Unsurprisingly, that’s not the case in the Middle East.'

What did they love the most about the trip? Hugo replied: ‘The true privilege was the chance to immerse ourselves in new cultures. To feel genuinely welcomed by so many people who want nothing more than to help you experience their home and way of life.’

To see more of Hugo and Ross, visit them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/theturnertwiins, or visit their website here

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